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Warning: Not For below 18. The information is for the married men only, Please if you are not married don’t scroll down. Thanks

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It is possible you have taken so many things and it didn’t work for you. Have you asked yourself the actual cause of the problem?

Let us Identify and Discuss The Major Causes Of Poor S3xual Performance In Men.

1. Age: As a man is getting older, it is normal to decrease in sexual performance.

2. Drugs: Drugs can affect sexual performance in both sex. Some Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Arthritis drug weaken men’s sexual systems.

3. Food: The we eat has a major impact on men’s sexual health. This particular one constitutes 70 to 80% cause. There are foods that promote good sexual health and there are foods that decrease it. At the end of this article, we will recommend good foods that promote men’s health and also the list of foods you need to reduce or stop the intake.

4. Drink [alcohol and non-alcohol]: This is another cause of poor performance in men. The quantity in the bottle of beer is more than the one in a bottle of sprite.

5. Heat or Chemical: Exposure to heat or chemicals also affects men’s performance. Drivers and industrial workers are prone to this.

6. Sitting down for long/Lack of Exercise: Sitting down for long is not good for a healthy sexual life. Sitting down for more than two hours without walking around is not good for men. 20 t0 30 minutes exercise 3 to 4 times a week will promote sexual performance

7. Health condition: This is another cause of poor performance. Diabetes, HBP, Heart problem, and Spinner injury can badly affect sexual performance

8. Hormonal imbalance: hormonal imbalance can also affect performance.


Have seen some of the major causes of the above problem, there is a need to make it clear that adjusting your diet can improve performance irrespective of the cause.

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